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A Tisket, A Tasket: How to Decorate with Baskets

I confess, I'm a basket case. If you study my portfolio, you'll notice that baskets often weave their way into my design plans. No wonder. I love all things tactile, organic and rough hewn. And, I love to mix it up. Here's how to take baskets to a whole new level.

Don't typecast baskets. They're super versatile. Here, I converted and inverted a pair of baskets, and hung 'em high. The light play through the open weave adds more dimension to the room, although these chandeliers look just as swell unlit.

Baskets are like working dogs. They LOVE assignments. In this recent LSI installation, a pair of two-tone baskets is a handsome catch-all for extra towels and guest room sundries.

It's true. Baskets are little workhorses. But remember, they're great for styling where the basket's raison d'etre is simply to look fab. Case in point? A pair of purely ornamental baskets with Mr Brown's Wilhelm console.

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