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Upstairs Downstairs Design

I have the best clients! Some are analytical. Some are creative. Some are both. Like the owners of this gorgeous Raleigh home. With their own fab sense of style as a guide, they purchased some terrific individual pieces, but quickly saw the home was not coming together as a beautiful whole. That's when they called me.

Great design is all about layering significant detail. A beautiful sofa is all the lovelier accompanied with ottomans, tables, great lighting and rugs, objets d'art, textiles and so on. The snapshots below tell the story.

And, this story comes in two installments. We completed phase one, the main level of the home, last year. As phase two, the upstairs, was slated to begin, the homeowners shared news of an addition: a baby coming soon. The upstairs guest room quickly morphed into a nursery.

And baby makes three (plus two canines), at least for now!

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