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Don't Wash Away the Gray!

Gray is the most misunderstood color. First, it is a synonym for drab, a heavy load to bear! Next, gray is not one clear-cut color. Gray is the ultimate chameleon, with hues and variations that dance along the color wheel.

Today, I'm happy to share three of my go-to grays. Pavillion is a not-too-distant cousin of khaki. Gray Owl is smart and cool. Big Chill gray actually warms things up a bit.

Not everyone can go gray. There is only one way to see if it's right for you. Get sample cans and preview shades of gray in your room. You'll want to assess at different times of day, as any gray bathed in sunlight or afternoon shadows will read differently.

Enjoy the exploration. When in doubt, an interior design pro is your best resource to develop a brilliant color plan. Gray or otherwise! We're here to help.

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