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Free the Kitchen

Sometimes a kitchen refresh can be accomplished with a new set of French damask tea towels. Other times a total gut is required. The key is knowing when...

This brand spanking new kitchen (still baking) in North Carolina began with a total gut. The diamond-in-the-rough home had basically gone to seed, and there was nothing quaint or salvageable in a circa-1960's kitchen that had undergone some upfits that didn't go far enough. The end result is going to be new day for this room, with sleek gray concrete countertops, white slab-front cabinets with white leather pulls. Note the absence of upper cabinets, one of my favorite new trends that you may expect to stick around. It keeps the working part of the kitchen within easy arms reach. Hardly a scullery. This kitchen is mod and cooking!

I love a galley kitchen, where every detail is thoughtfully placed for the cook's efficient ease of movement. But frankly, kitchens are on instance where bigger is almost always better. In this Wilmington, NC home, the kitchen has "risen," so to speak, as we took down the wall between the living room and kitchen and annexed a little-used sunroom into the space. Amidst the rubble, package and odds-and-ends cabinetry, can you see the beauty emerging?

New York transplants to Charlotte breath new life into a lovely, but staid and traditional enclave in one of the city's most popular neighborhoods. It's a designer-client match made in heaven. Their point of view was wide open - with the single requirement of opening up the four-walled kitchen into a total living space. As a designer, I am never bounded by a floor plan. After all, someone drew up that document - and it wasn't Moses. My clients wanted fresh new thinking. Can't wait to share the final results (soon).

At LSI, we just love kitchen makeovers. It may have started with the redo of my own kitchen, where I experimented with new materials, ideas and floor planning. The room is a wild success - and was even published in What I've learned in my Lisa Sherry Test Kitchen is that this room is all about ART and TECHNOLOGY. I'm delighted that this client said yes to this ultimate cooks stove from Miele. I expect a gourmet dinner soon - and she is one who can deliver.

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