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What We're Loving Now

My summer crush is summer itself. It’s my favorite season. The others are not even runners up! As a designer, I love to style the season. For me, that means engaging all the senses. So, what am I crushing on? Read on...

Concoct your own SIGNATURE COCKTAIL. Mine is still a work in progress – so fun to taste test! It will absolutely include a lovely vessel, vodka and mint garnish. Stash a PORTABLE SPEAKER in your bag and you’ll never be without your personal soundtrack. Right now, I’m groovin’ on Pandora’s “Hipster Cocktail Party.” Yes, even in the studio! Buckle up with a pair of STRAPPY SANDALS. I’m admiring the fancy footwork on these studded platforms from Barneys. TAKE IT OUTSIDE. Obviously, I'm all about interieurs, but when the days are long (summer!), let the screen door slam and take it outside. Most all LSI projects include swanky yet relaxed exterieurs, like Woodbrook, shown above. FOUTAS are the quintessential summertime towel. They look and feel great, easily migrating from bath to beach. I love this look from MÛR! A SCENTED CANDLE is a must-have, olfactory delight. I’m mad for fresh sea salt, enjoying the slow burn on this candle from Illume. Never be without a BOOK. I have high aspirations to read more and feed my imagination, but busy life gets in the way. Books and beach go hand in hand. A TENT is the ultimate sunscreen, especially if it’s white canvas with scallops and fringe, and if your doting husband hits the beach early and puts the whole affair together!

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