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What We're Loving Now

I got ghosted. Summer left me without a goodbye – not a kiss on the cheek, not a phone call, not even a text. All I got was dropping temperatures and shorter days. Yes, kiddos, summer left me with fall, my next romance. It’s a cautious courtship, but I must admit I’m discovering many reasons to love the one I’m with. Favorite autumnal finds and philosophies are kindling the romance...

Why rake leaves when you can wear them. I love this leaf-and-vine patterned print dress. It fits perfectly and is entirely unstructured!

Get your autumn on with amazing organic throws and blankets, like this little number from Coyuchi. Remember, superheroes wear capes. Blankets aren’t just for beds.

Bye-bye bad vibes. These brilliant “Holy Wood” incense sticks ward off bad energy and bring on good fortune. Time to hit the bottle. Make it a double.

Seasons change. We are all – always – in a state of transformation. For me, this is thrilling. And, it’s one of the delights, joys and honors in my life to help clients express these changes in their homes. Here’s a specific example: a recently completed transformation in Winston-Salem, NC. Cheers to fall ... and all that lies ahead!

Make the most of l-o-n-g-e-r nights with age-defying and restorative overnight creams. Let REM and retinol do the heavy lifting so you’re ready for the day ahead.

If a bad breakup (with summer or otherwise) leaves you sobbing into your pillow, make sure it’s a pretty one. Tick, tack, toe marks the spot in this fun graphic-pattern pillow. Evening – and cocktail hour – arrives sooner in the fall, so why not discover a new signature drink? I prefer this yummy spritz sans spirits, but gin and vodka might beg to differ.

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