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Walking On Sunshine!

Spring is here and I'm so excited the warm weather is here to stay. My first summer at the lake is approaching! Have you checked my lake house on our site? I shared my project from start to finish. Being your own client isn't always easy but it is fun + experimental!

With the new season here, I'll share some rituals I like to practice this time of year:

  1. SMUDGE: Sage + Cleanse! Smudging is an ancient art that cleanses and blesses people and places. Smudge kits include combinations of sage, sticks, herbs, and crystals. I like to sage my home + studio to let new energy in. Set your intentions and cleanse. Your spaces and your soul will appreciate it.

  2. PURGE: Let it Go! Recently my team and I found our studio getting a bit too crowded. EEEK! We decided it was time to let go of pieces we didn't need. A good rule of thumb, is it useful? Does it bring you joy? If the answers are no, let them go! We spent some hours purging items and what was still in good condition we were able to donate.

  3. WARDROBE UPDATE: Florals or Prints? I love adding a few pieces to my wardrobe freshening it up for the season. Let's be honest, I rarely wear florals or prints, but I do surprise myself now and then. Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone. After all, fashion is meant to be fun.

  4. DINING À L'EXTÉRIEUR: Gather in Nature! Now that warm weather is here I find myself enjoying meals outside. I can be at my loft's rooftop patio or my lakehouse on the dock, but let me eat my cake!

Try these simple rituals for yourself. I'm sure they'll have you appreciating the Spring even more!

Lisa Sherry

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