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What’s on My Shelf this Summer

I seem to get more reading done in the summer. By the beach, creek or back screen porch I love a constant stack of ready to read faves…it started with ‘The girl on the train’ and lead to these.


A little paint goes a long way..

We love coming up with creative ways to make a statement when designing client’s homes. This particular client loves color, so we were able to think outside of the box when designing their space.

Below are some examples of what we created using paint.



Watermelon Infusion

I’ve been craving watermelon all summer and last weekend had the idea to mix into my weekend cocktail!

One pureed watermelon later I had my new favorite summer drink.

I made this up so no measuring involved. Feel free to make it yours.

Equal part pureed watermelon (vitamix works best)  + vodka refrigerate overnight.

Pour over ice, add club soda, a lime slice (squeeze some in first) and mint for garnish.


It’s All About The Details

There are so many things that add interest to a space… from the way you mix patterns and colors to that quirky conversation starter element. My client below is a very fun couple (you may have seen this house that was photographed in LONNY awhile back). Adding those unusual touches is what made their space unique to them.




It’s that time again….

We hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Its All About the Kiddos

It’s always fun to design a space for kids, whether a bedroom or a playroom, creating areas that give the kids a place to let their imaginations run free yet be beautiful and organized for the parents is key

Below are some of my favorite playful + kid-friendly spaces that we designed for some our youngest clients.


Some Beach, Somewhere

When I think of summer, my mind always drifts to the beach. Sand between my toes, yummy light Rose’ + food, and watching the sunset with people I cherish the most.


We’re Ready for Our Close Up

I always love a dramatic powder room and the right art can make a room come to life. Sometimes I do collage art and sometimes large scale singular art painted directly on the wall just sings out “drama”.

Large murals painted on the walls of each of these powder rooms for clients are 2 of my favs.


Happy Flag Day

I’ve always had a “thing” for flags whether the Union Jack, American or sailing flags. Always graphic and classic. I have a large flag on the outside of my beach house and a small one on my beach cruiser.

Below, one of our Luxe Life cottages is designed with the American flag as our inspiration.

Here’s to YOUR flag day…our Independence Day.




Casual + Organic…

Equals the perfect summer retreat.

Yay for summer time and summer vacations, here is a dreamy beach home that we designed for a client that will leave you in awe and ready to hit the road for the beach.

The casual luxe atmosphere with soft neutrals makes for a perfect escape to relax and recharge.