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Blur the lines: For me, the profession of interior design is about physical space and mind space. I design rooms and homes that elevate the experience of living. I am focused on getting all the components of a space just right – details matter (all of them!) – but this keen attention always serves higher purpose of creating environments where my clients can let go and live beautifully. 


Effortlessness & Rigor: My spaces and even my personal style has been described as effortless. This is what I seek personally and what I offer to clients. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of creative heavy lifting and problem solving throughout each phase of a project. Every detail in a room is purposefully thought out, sourced, procured, inspected, and placed. I seek the unique, often creating custom designs expressly for my clients. This is the rigor that makes an LSI interior feel natural and highly personalized.


Sensuality: In my world, a successful room embraces all the senses, pleasing to the eye and the hand with sight, sound and scent touchpoints. What we take in through our senses, we give back to family, friends, ourselves, and ultimately the world. Design is not a frivolous profession!


The Power of Neutrals: A neutral palette is like a peace sign. Warm or cool tones of white, beige, grey and black, flesh tones and hues borrowed from nature, are calming and restorative. The absence of strong color is invigorating, and subtly so. My rooms and overall personal style whisper rather than shout, revealing more over time.  


Texture Is the New Color: I’ve put away the color crayons long ago and seek texture as a more satisfying choice to add enduring “color” to a space. Texture means natural fibers, weaves and layers; tactile surfaces, found objects, reclaimed woods and, yes, even lacquered surfaces, brass, nickel and other alloys. Smooth is a texture.


The Edit: I don’t throw my lot in with the maximalists or minimalists, or the revolving door of trends. My designs are modern, classic and organic. I seek what is right for a space. To find the balance, I edit, edit, edit. In the mood-board phase of a design project, we layer and edit virtually. On installation day, we do so in real time. 


This AND That: I love juxtapositions, the synergy of pairing old with new, light and dark, sleek with rough-hewn, serious with light-hearted. Opposites do attract and elevate the space. My favorite ying-yang pairing is organic and modern. 


The perfection of imperfection: For me, real is perfect. In design, authenticity is expressed in materials: Belgian linen, masterful craftsmanship and stitchery. I choose hand-rubbed metals, bronze and brass, dull over sheen. Nature is my guide. All things in nature are absolutely perfect, and beautifully irregular. 

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