A Little More About Me...

“I’m not leading the life that was laid out for me. Thankfully.” says Charlotte-based Lisa Sherry, who at almost every intersection chooses the unconventional path-not-taken – albeit one perhaps covered in Belgian hardwoods, doubled-dyed Indian area rugs or possibly French gravel. “My mom was intent upon my becoming a teacher. She was warm. As it is, I am a lifelong learner and experimenter, but the world of interior design is absolutely my calling.”

Ever embracing change (Lisa says it’s the natural order) and wary of the status quo, Lisa gracefully pivoted from a successful career in photo styling and set design to open her interior design firm in 2005. She does not look back, noting “now is always the right time to hit the reset button.”

For Lisa, interior design is about the pursuit of happiness and not perfection. In fact, it’s intriguing perfect imperfections, and subtle surprises that humanize her spaces. With a keen eye for juxtapositions and coincidences, Lisa pairs rough-hewn and high-gloss finishes, mixes materials, adds layers, and favors modern silhouettes with historical references and winks.

Throughout, a neutral palette is apt to prevail. “It’s about discernment,” Lisa explains, “harmonizing textural shades of white and grey actually allows the eye to see more.” For Lisa’s clients, design is revelatory and real. Lisa’s completed interiors are where life in real time begins.

Lisa says the starting point of every project is tapping into clients, needs, wants and desires as well as project parameters like structural expectations, budgets, timelines. “It’s a right brain / left brain balancing act,” Lisa explains, “and I love the wonderful dual skill set design requires.”

Both a leader and a collaborator, Lisa is creative principal on each and every LSI design commission from her studio in Charlotte, NC. However, she is quick to credit her team: “I have the most amazing backup band – talented designers, project managers, expediters, and bookkeepers, not to mention vendors, workrooms and suppliers. Hmm, it’s really more of an orchestra, isn’t it?”

Lisa’s credits her mother as her earliest design influence: “Mom always uses the good china and, like her, I believe in daily doses of beauty. Seize the moment. Today is always the special occasion.” Fortunately, mother did not know best in terms of career path. Today, Lisa Sherry leads a full-service design studio in Charlotte, engaging with discerning clients throughout the country. While her work has been covered by Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Luxe Magazine, House Beautiful, Living Etc, Traditional Home, Domino and Forbes, as well as major regional lifestyle magazines and blogs, Lisa believes the best is yet to come.

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