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“I love to immerse myself in every detail of a design project. That’s what full-service design is all about. Flexibility is important, especially for clients who live miles (or continents) away. My new E-Design service might be a perfect solution.” Lisa

E-Design is a new hybrid of Lisa Sherry Interieurs full-service design, an option for clients willing, ready, and able to assume a more active hands-on role in the design process. As the name suggests, E-Design is a virtual relationship. We engage online, but not in person.


Many of the essential Full-Service Lisa Sherry Interieurs services remain in place in an E-Design relationship, including Scope of Work and budget planning, design direction development, furniture and material specification, sourcing, shopping, purchasing and expediting. Since the LSI team is not on-site at your home, all activity related to the physical space are the client’s responsibility. Our Scope of Work will clearly delineate all responsibilities and deliverables. As a preview, please consider these important client tasks, which will fall to you.


Client Responsibilities:

  • Fully manage architectural, builder and contractor relationship, including planning, on-site direction, timelines and approvals.

  • Accurately document and measure the space. This is a crucial step, as the Lisa Sherry team will develop all plans and recommendations based on the information you provide.

  • Receive and inspect all furniture, lighting and accessory purchases.

  • Install/place all furniture, lighting, floor coverings and accessories as shown in your Lisa Sherry Interieurs floor plan.

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