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“Everything in a space should have purpose, even if it is simply to make you smile, reminisce or wonder. This is how design satisfies the soul.”


Lisa Sherry Interieurs is a creative interior design studio with an expertise in full-service residential design. Clients are attracted to the fresh modern aesthetic that permeates Lisa’s work: Rooms that quietly inspire and unfold in thoughtful layers; Spaces that celebrate the everyday, turning ordinary into extraordinary.

Lisa’s interiors are as varied and individual as her clients, yet a similar process guides the transformation. Invariably, it begins with you – understanding, needs, wants and desires, project parameters, budgets and timelines. Floor plans are thoughtfully developed and brought to life with brilliant furniture and accessory selections from Lisa’s unique resources and workrooms. Ultimately, installation day is a dream come true; transformation complete.

LSI’s creativity is matched only by the team’s masterful project management skills. While Lisa is principal creative guru on every project, the famed LSI backup band – her team of designers, project managers, expediters and bookkeepers – manage all project logistics. Beautifully.

A Lisa Sherry interior offers an impressive ROI, return on investment and inspiration. The total – the complete residential project – is truly more than the sum of its parts.


We love ground floors. Lisa and team welcome the opportunity to join a project at the architectural development phase. It’s the most graceful, successful way to ensure harmony between the physical space, interior decoration and your ultimate living experience. In the end, our fingerprints on your blueprint will result in a more beautiful home.


Lisa and the LSI team wear many hats and quite often they’re hard. Many of our residential assignments are new builds. Blank canvases are particularly exciting. Wizardly project managers, Lisa and team can actively supervise construction nuts-and-bolt details with your general contractor, or simply align on timelines to ensure a no-surprises process. The LSI scope of work can adapt to your needs.


We at LSI thrill at the whole transformation process, but we especially love the moment when the client’s space comes to life on install day. The reveal is what we call the Wow Moment. This is the point where your interior project is realized, fully installed and unveiled. It’s as if you’ve found the Golden Ticket. 


Alas, not all rooms are created equal. Kitchens and baths are residential workhorses. Lisa and team routinely take these essential spaces to a whole new level, melding functional, technical and aesthetic objectives into a wonderful whole. A LSI kitchen cooks, but there’s no scullery drudgery. Lisa often opens up floor plans so the kitchen assumes its rightful place in a more expansive living area. Baths are similarly transformed, often with a quiet spa-like vibe.


Lisa Sherry has a problem with boundaries. Residential interior design is a passion and expertise, but Lisa’s design creativity also stretches beyond the confines of a personal residential address. Commercial, hospitality and showroom design commissions, especially those where a relaxed residential aesthetic is of interest, are soundly within LSI’s creative wheelhouse.

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