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I’ve had the pleasure of creating beautiful homes for my clients for years. Wondering about the backstory behind these spaces? What makes them tick? Where’s the heartbeat? I believe in creating a beautiful life for everyday LIVING. It’s about how we live, relax, inhale, exhale at home. Feeling is really more important than furniture! In my world, design is about the experience of living: Cooking and entertaining with the people you love or waking to fresh coffee (or in my case Mudwtr) in a just-right setting. What scents and senses does the space evoke as you relax and ruminate through the day? What are you wearing? All of these details and more come together to create a beautiful life. Where to begin? Come curate and have fun with me in the first edition of the Lisa Sherry Living newsletter.Keep following (and commenting) along on Instagram, as I’ll be sharing more. I love feedback! Ready? Living better is love and don't we all want more of that?


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