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MORE ABOUT THIS CHARLOTTE, NC, HOME: This home is nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood in Charlotte, NC, just moments away from Southpark shopping and Charlotte's busy uptown area. Interior designer Lisa Sherry's clients are family of five with busy careers and full calendars. The interior design challenge was clear and exciting: Transform a former garage/carport into a sophisticated pool house room (adjacent to a recently completed courtyard pool) and reimagine the family room and breakfast room to create a seamless flow. Lisa's clients wanted their home to be the place where kids and adults gather, a sophisticated but welcoming go-to hangout house for all ages. Lisa Sherry's design philosophy and body of work resonated with the homeowners. In addition to this primary interior design scope, the Charlotte, NC, project also included an all-new dressing room / powder room, accessible from the pool courtyard, as well as the complete design on a boy's bathroom and powder room makeover. While Lisa Sherry often focuses on whole home renovations and new construction, Lisa and her team have amazing kitchen and bathroom interior design and renovation expertise.


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