Lisa Sherry Interieurs creates and executes new visions for residential and commercial interiors. As a design team, we believe in beauty in everyday life. Our interiors surprise with unexpected touches and juxtapositions. And, while we tend to defy classification, Lisa Sherry Interieurs style has been aptly called Casual Luxe.


Lisa Sherry Interierus is a full-service interior design studio with a unique process for breathing life into thoroughly custom, personal interiors. It begins and ends with our clients. The very first steps focus on understanding your needs, desires and expectations from your space. The final step is what clients have termed The Wow Moment when your interior project is delivered and fully installed. This is a transformative moment when every detail is beautifully in place, ready for living.

What happens in between… that is the both the magic and method of our design approach. We are expert in interior concepting, space planning, architectural detailing, furniture and color specification, purchasing, warehousing, delivery and installation. Our team is immensely creative and inventive. Yet, our project management skills are unsurpassed. We bring both transformative vision and the ability to execute to every project.

Mini Luxe

Mini Luxe is a smart service ideal for clients who are intrigued with the idea of partnering with a professional interior designer. They are often talented amateurs inspired by what they see in books and magazines. While ideas and enthusiasm abound, budgets are typically a bit tight. These “designing clients” are often challenged to successfully edit all that inspires them into a unified vision that sings.

Enter Mini Luxe. Lisa Sherry Interieurs develops a professional concept board for your space. You’ll receive an overarching design, complete with color, fabric, floor plan, accessory ideas, design directions for taking Mini Luxe from concept to execution and shopping suggestions in the form of a list of each piece on the plan with source information and pricing. The end result will surpass what you might accomplish on your own. Mini-Luxe prices start at just under $1000. It’s a great investment to keep your innate design skills on track.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS on how it works and to determine if Mini Luxe can meet your design needs.

Commercial Design

The same vision and process Lisa Sherry Interieurs brings to residential commissions all over the country, may also be applied to commercial design projects, such as restaurants, hotels and fashion retail space.

FROM [more than a preposition]

From is a new, subscription-based, highly curated shopping service that one of my clients dreamed up. The From website explains the whole concept so beautifully. In essence, you pick a professional fashionista buyer (yes, I'm one of them). Said buyer engages with you to understand your vibe (and budget) and then shops on your behalf. Every month. All twelve or fewer. Gift yourself (or someone else).
It's from me to you. CHECK IT OUT HERE!